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  • Strong and solid machine steel frame.
  • Anti-scratch phenolic multilayer work table with modular holes and complete with supports (no. 80 standard supports).
  • Edging material magazine for edges in strips with automatic loading.
  • Shear device for rolled edges complete with roll-holder plate.
  • Teflon - coated hot melt glue pot installed underneath the worktable to ensure a continuous glue reticulation and avoid its overheating.
  • Powerful heating system (about 7 min.).
  • Glue application of edging material by means of a powered glue spreading roller.
  • Can be used on square, shaped and round panels.
  • Start/stop cycle pedal.


  • Reliability : The machining precision is guaranteed by the upper feeding belt and by the entry guide with micro metric adjustment according to the edging thickness.
  • Sturdiness : The gluing unit includes the shear for cutting the edging, a 1,4 Kg capacity glue pot with and 3 pressure rollers. Electronic temperature adjustment.
Description Parameter
Table Size(L x B) (mm) 1150 x 920
Minimum Work Piece Lengt (mm) 280
Work piece thickness range (mm) 10 - 60
Banding Thickness (mm) 0.5 - 0.3
Min-Radius for curved Edging (mm) 20
Glue Pot Capacity 3(kg)
Variable Feed 5-8 (m / Min.)
Front Table adjustment (Up & Down) (mm) 3
Front Table tilt angle (Degree) 0o - 45o
Maximum temperature setting (°C) 180o C
Compressed Air requirement (hp/kg/cm2) 0.5 / 5-7
Heating Element (kw) 2
Electric motor (kw) 0.37 (220V, 3Ø)
Power Supply (voltage / Ø) 220V, 1Ø
Machine Dimension ( L x B x H) (mm) 1400 x 990 x 1170
Approx. net weight (kg) 400